We model space according to your needs and life-style, to offer a personalized architectural project. Planning involves a feasibility study, followed by the final project and three-dimensional presentations. After the project comes the construction or renovation of the building including all practical and bureaucratic aspects: drafting a bill of quantities, obtaining building permits, directing works, assistance in construction sites and accounting of the works to be carried out.

“A man’s house is his castle” (Edward Coke).

Planning livable, functional environments respecting the sensitivity of its user, complying with the nature of the building and planning without simply reproducing. ICERM’s interior design studio guides and advises you in the furnishing of your dream house or farmhouse.

Finally, ICERM is qualified in the consultancy, planning and realization of gardens, parks, courtyards, urban, street and parking spaces, swimming-pools, lighting engineering and systems, irrigation systems, phytodepuration, wells, green area furnishings, garden design.


ICERM was founded in 1952 and is currently specialized in the construction of residences, villas, swimming-pools, as well as in the renovation of farmhouses, historical buildings, churches and worshipping sites and their interior decoration.
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53047 Sarteano (SI) Italy
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