Farmhouses are the traditional buildings in our area between Umbria and Tuscany and are often called “casali” or “poderi”.
In most cases, we find them nestled in enviable landscapes such as the Val d’Orcia, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. To us, what often appears to be ruins – a few mounds of stones and bricks – is a canvas on which to completely reinvent a farmhouses by trying to create that magical balance between beauty, respect for the landscape and functionality.

ICERM loves talking with the owners to help them find solutions that enhance the historic value of a farmhouse by giving it that special touch that can make it unique.

Depending on your tastes, and respecting the characteristics of each farmhouse, we will work to enhance the traditional style by giving back to your new home a “flavour of the past”, which always respects the past through the use of the best techniques and the noblest materials.

If, instead, you love original and innovative solutions, you should know that the farmhouses often lend themselves to modern reinterpretations of their spaces.

ICERM will accompany you throughout the renovation of your farmhouse. We will also offer you specific materials and the use of modern techniques in the creation and definition of the interior, or maybe even a swimming pool that is perfectly integrated in the surrounding environment.

We carry out renovations on farmhouses throughout Tuscany up to nearby Umbria and especially in the area of Siena and the Val d’Orcia, where we have renovated more than 60 farmhouses.

ICERM, a construction company of the Morgantini family born in 1952, is today specialized in the construction and renovation of farmhouses, villas, residences and historic buildings in Tuscany.
Via di Fuori,63
53047 Sarteano (SI) Italy